kulupu wi wawa unu

They were in the lobby of the mall. All around them was a plazza. Above them, the aerial walkway of the half floor stretched out. The stores all around the mall were either closed by a metal curtain, or empty.

The inside was not as dark as they thought it would be. Melissa had expected something more... special. But she was a bit disappointed with how normal everything was.

However, as soon as the team had stepped into the mall, something clicked inside her mind. At first she didn't understand what, but soon she found herself enjoying the feeling. It felt like all her lives she had been missing something, and suddenly it had returned to her.

"Team B reporting. We just entered the mall. Every store has been pillaged or closed. Over" reported Jhin.

"Understood. Over and out."

They searched a bit more, but there wasn't anything to find, except a working elevator, the only one around.

They stepped in and went down a floor.

>LAVENDER_TOWER_4: B1F - Food aisle