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kulupu wi wawa unu

"I'm sure you have questions. But first, there's something I want to say.

"I'm sorry.

"I'm sorry for taking your souls. For thrusting you into this, whether you wanted to or not.

"For making the choice before you can. Before you were even able to think.

"Secondly, I will answer your question, Melissa. The construct I used against the angel was the jawbreaker construct.

"It was passed down to me from one of my parent. I am the descendant of the Argillacreantis. This was why the angels were so scared of me.

"But they had locked me away. It's easy to lock someone like me away from their base of operation.

"At first, when they denied my entry when I tried to save you, I thought about simply leaving you behind.

"Try again, in a few years. This town would be lost, but it wouldn't be the end.

"But then, I thought about it. Waiting, and doing all that again would mean pushing more people into the cycle. And I don't know when that cycle would have stopped.

"So, I decided that no, you would be the final ones. I would save you, if it meant my death. And if you hear this, then it did mean my death.

"I wailed and wailed against that door. And eventually, the magic circle could not hold, and I went through.

"But all I saw was the swarm of angels attacking you. I'm glad I had these circles prepared in time.

"These circles will put you in a slumber for the next two hundred years or so.

"The former Tesserelunae told me you would be needed.

"So i'll say it again. I'm sorry.

"Because once again, I thrusted you into another cycle of destruction.

"So I'll simply say this : if you don't want to fight anymore...

"You can stop. You can choose to settle down.

"To grow a garden.

"To watch the flowers bloom.

"To listen to the raindrops.

"To smell the petrichor."

The descendant sobs.

"To walk on the wet ground.

"You can do that.

"No one, or no thing, has the right to stop you.

"Not even me.

"I'm sorry."