kulupu wi wawa unu

Jhin and Melissa exited the renegade's room and entered the lobby again. In front of them, a group of five people were waiting near the staircase. It was team A.

Neither team knew the names of the people on the other. Regardless, they felt a rivalry rise between them.

"While we were clearing up the mall, look who finally showed up ?" shouted an old man in military uniform, "I bet the number of creatures you killed can be counted on one hand ! Talk about weaklings."

"Do you know what these creatures are ?" angrily asked Melissa, "They're the people from the town ! You know, the ones we had to save ?"

"The ones YOU want to save. We went here because we wanted to. We don't have to conform to the rules of above. Unlike you, we focused on training, and have unlocked our full potential as alter-humans." coldly replied a nurse with long white hair.

"I swear to fucking god if I'm expulsed from the police force because you decided to just wreck shit, you will not see the light of day ever again." Jhin was furious, but unsure. They didn't really have much motivation. It seemed wrong to be fine with all the people that died, but he had seen worse. That talk was just an attempt to rally themself.

Because Melissa did not need such an attempt. She was seething. She had came here to explore, but also to save people. And suddenly, most, if not all, of her efforts had been ruined without her doing anything. She thought of some of the inhabitants they had met, that were now dead.

"I will never forgive you." she let out between her teeth.

And just like that, the fight started. Other than the military man, who thought using only his fists, the other members of team A each used a different construct. In front of the many weapons of Jhin, and the four constructs of Melissa, they did not last long.

Before long, only the white-haired nurse was left. "Uh ? I'm the last one... We won't- we won't lose to the likes of you !" And she fell to the ground.

But, as she hit the ground, her body continued to fall. And around where she fall, the upside down silhouettes of lamb, a boar, a dog, and a horse rose then fell back with her, and around where she fell, walls rose from the ground and formed what look like a small church, and a large raven appeared in the church tower.

Like a kirkegrim that would protect a holy place, she would protect her team beyond her last breath.

But, despite the raven's assault, and the efforts of the buried animals, the church crumbled from Jhin's hits and Melissa's lights.

And the animals vanished, and the church crumbled back into the ground, and her body lay with the others. They were not dead yet, but exhausted, they were all unconscious.

Melissa turned to the stairs, but Jhin stopped her. "If we leave them like that, who's to say they're not going to be a thorn when it matters most ?"
-You don't mean we should..." Melissa answered, with a shocked face.
-Yeah. You don't have to. I'll do it."

And as Melissa went up the stairs, five large thumps echoed behind her.

>LAVENDER_TOWER_22 : Destruction of the Inhibitor