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kulupu wi wawa unu

The entrance to the mall was... garish. Full of colors and covered in neon signs, it was made to attract as much attention as possible. But beyond that eye-catching facade, the glass doors only showed darkness.

It had been almost an hour. Team B had been waiting in the cold morning mist of winter. Melissa looked up to the sky and searched for the sun, but all she found was a pale halo. Jhin had been checking the area around the mall for anything that could be a weapon. He, of course, had forgotten their gun.

A crackle from Melissa's belt, and then the radio spoke. "Team B, you can enter the mall. Good luck. Over."

"Has team A reported on what they found ?" Melissa asked.

"Unfortunately no. Over and out." The crackle stopped.

Jhin stepped toward the doors. "Finally. Been waiting long enough." He opened them.

The peered into the darkness, but all the could see was the checkered tiles of the floor disappearing into a skyless night.

They stepped in.

>LAVENDER_TOWER_3: Ground Floor