kulupu wi wawa unu

For the first time, they arrived in the convenience store by stairs. The stairs did not end here, but they took a break.

Despite her distaste for the cashier, she could still learn a thing or two. Staying near the staircase, she asked "This was the final floor, correct ?"

"Yes. Next will be different." The cashier answered still as calmly, "I told you about the battle of the Sewers. During that battle, they captured the leaders of those tribes. They are held in the next floor. Please free them.

"Secondly, the machine the angels use to remove humanity is in the next floor. You will also have to destroy it."

The cashier didn't extend their speech like the previous times. Melissa didn't appreciate taking orders from the cashier but they were right.

So, just like that, they advanced to the next floor.

>LAVENDER_TOWER_20 : Four Tribes