kulupu wi wawa unu

This, they guessed, was the last floor. It was desolate.

The shelves were empty. Half of the lights weren't working. Some tiles on the floor were broken.

The floor was much smaller than the previous ones, so searching it wasn't a problem. But, they didn't find an elevator.

In a corner, however, they found a spiral staircase. Since they had entered the mall, they hadn't seen any stairs.

Before they could use it, though, a distortion appeared in the air. Before them was a shadow, all in black and white and gray. It was standing in front of the stairs and blocking it off with its beast-like shape.

Like a broken radio, it spoke. "I_ hu_rt_..... s_op t__m...."

Melissa felt sorry for the lost soul. Seeing Jhin assume a battle stance, she held her arm in front of them. Her question had been answered. They killed, but were not in the wrong. And if the boss hurt the souls it transformed as much, they would not stopped until they exterminated the boss.

She knelt next to the lost soul, and petted its head. Silently, the shadow started to cry. Then, like a long and painful sigh, it disappeared.

Determined, they continued forward.

>LAVENDER_TOWER_19 : Before the Fall