kulupu wi wawa unu

Sunlight, once again, wrapped their bodies in warmth at the bottom of this hellish tower. It was filtered through leaves, but the sky still could not be seen through these. They were in a sort of trench carved in the stone over centuries by the small river that still flowed in the middle.

But there was no wind. Everything was still. The foliage above them was unmoving.

This floor was still astonishing to them. Out of all the floors they had went through, this was the only one that didn't seem like it belonged to a mall. All the other floors could, at least from a long derivation, be linked to a stereotypical floor or store you would find in a mall.

People who would go this deep without stopping at a previous floor would be hard to stop.

They guessed that if they went far enough they would find the boss.

>LAVENDER_TOWER_18 : B20F Emptiness