kulupu wi wawa unu

The atmosphere was... occult. The molding wooden floor disappeared into the darkness not far from the elevator, but would from time to time reappear under the orange light of the many candles that were stuck to it from their immobile cascades of melted wax. The stone walls could barely be seen, and if by luck you found one of the gothic windows carved in the stone, you would see nothing outside except a very dark crimson tint.

And that was without mentionning the bodies. All over the floor, bodies made of wax were strewn about haphazardly. Some of them were complete, others were half or nearly fully melted, some were missing a limb or two and others were the missing limbs or two.

When they first arrived on the floor, Melissa felt a chill down her spine. And even knowing the bodies the bodies were waxen, the sight of so many of them was still creeping her out.

Carefully, they advanced among the candlelight, careful not to burn their clothing on it.

Then suddenly, form the side of their field of view, they caught a glimpse of movement in the darkness.

Jhin knelt and lit the projector toward the black veil. Like flames underwater, it receded, and the strong ray of light illuminated...

... another wax body. The two sighed of relief, but nearly choked when the body started floating upward. This one did not have a head, and everything below its torso and hands had simply melted.

"... gh.... uuuuuugh..."

The guttural sounds filled the room. "H- Hello ?" stuttered Melissa.

Turning its body so that it not face the team, the molten body made a construct. It was a large cube, through which the world was seen as if it was a negative, but within it was a wireframe cube. At first the two cubes had the same size, but the negative one started growing and the wireframe one became smaller, and when it was nearly a single point, the two switched places and a small explosion of light was seen.

The construct turned to face the duo, who had taken a battle stance. Then, Melissa understood, and dropped her stance. She walked toward the effigy, and closing her eyes she understood.

She understood that everything was one, and that everything was so important and full of meaning. She understood the importance of owning a lot, if not for the things themselves at least for what they made you think about. She understood the greed element.

Right after that, the melted figure fell to the ground, lifeless.

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