kulupu wi wawa unu

Melissa and Jhin once again arrived in the convenience store. It was exactly the same as before. Nothing at all changed.

Melissa went to the counter and bought one of the pastries, and sat down to talk with the cashier.

"Do you have other questions ?" asked the cashier.
"I mean, it's obvious that this place was not built by just one person, right ? the boss had to get help." argued Melissa.

"You are correct. Do you know of the Argillacreantis ? And of the other tribes ?"
"Never heard of them."

"I will explain then. A long time ago, this universe was created by the Argillacreantis. They saw it in their dream, and inhabited the dream, gave it reality and weight and existence.

"To give life to the dream, they spread out seven seeds, which gave seven tribes. They were the Umbradesertus, Tesserelunae, Magnacorona, Pestincolis, Raninanis, Formutatio and, more importantly, the Pennalucis.

"Eventually, the Pennalucis formed a hivemind called the Pennalegis, or angels.

"They are the ones who helped the boss create this place, to trap humans."

"But why do the angels and the boss want to trap humans ?" asked Jhin, curious.
"It wouldn't be very fun if i told you now, would it ?"

And with that, the conversation was over. Jhin and Melissa turned the thought that they were not the only ones on this land around in their mind during the elevator ride.

Had humans forgotten all about the tribes ? Was that knowledge never known by humans ?

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