kulupu wi wawa unu

And now it was Jhin's turn to be amazed. This time the light wasn't bright, or natural.

It was dim, sultry, colored in purple and red and blue. There was a constant pounding noise, and were it not for the few bass notes here and there you would have mistaked the club music for someone clanking metal together. Smoke filled the air, and here and there lasers were reflected on mirrors.

Because, there were lots and lots and lots of mirrors. Nearly every surface, ground and ceiling included, were covered in mirroring mirrors, parroting whatever was in front of it.

Jhin was enchanted by this. Mirrors were something that was easy to break, and would not pause too much resistence. He grabbed a nearby projector and started smashing mirrors.

Melissa sighed, and just pressed forward. She didn't want to get distracted by this. The floor was already distracting enough. She started to look for a way out of the room, but kept walking into mirrors.

Jhin saw that, and rushed up next to her side and crashed the mirror, revealing a passage way. Not only were the walls covered in mirrors, the walls were mirrors.

They continued like that, breaking more and more mirrors and making their way around the floor. Eventually, they emerged into a small room in which the walls were simply concrete.

The floor was made of concrete as well, although this one was black, contrasting with the walls' white one. There also was a thick layer of artificial smoke in this room, although it hovered closer to the ground. And, the elevator was shining its doors on the other side of the room. However, between them and the elevator, a tall silver monolith was standing.

The monolith was covered in mirrors. It was simply standing there, ominously showing everything in the room. At first, Melissa had almost walked into it, but stopped at the last second.

The industrial music slowed around them, and eventually halted.

A booming, echoing, and metallic voice rose, seemingly from everywhere around them. "Did you think you could smash each of my subjects and simply walk away ?" it asked, accusatingly.

Jhin was startled a bit, but quickly regained their composure. This was just another mirror, he told himself. He rushed toward the monolith and tried to send it in the air, but failed.

A construct started to appear in front of Jhin. It was a cube, through which a starry void could be seen. The cube got smaller, while a wireframe cube around it got bigger, and at the last moment Jhin jumped away. Less than a second later, the starry cube immediatly filled the wireframe one and a silent sound howled through the room.

Melissa tried to send a rust construct toward the monolith, but when it hit the surface, the constructed bounced back and Melissa quickly jumped aside as well. This would be a difficult opponent. Not that Jhinn minded.

He ran around the monolith and swinged madly with the projector. The monolith could barely keep up with the construct, but eventually it had the foresight to make a construct where Jhin would run, and Jhin was sent flying back by the soundless bells.

Melissa rushed toward Jhin, helped him up, and together they barely ran out of the room. It would be a harder opponent than simply a difficult opponent, and Jhin was starting to mind.

Outside the room, the devised for a plan. Jhin would rush in first, and once again flail as he had done. From time to time they would switch direction to dodge the monolith's constructs. Then, Melissa would rush in with a fog machine which she had found, and start hitting the monolith as well. Jhin would use that time to retreat and focus for one last hit.

The plan... went surprisingly well, although they had to repeat it for a bit. But after some bashing, the monolith shattered and fell into pieces.

The lights all around them stopped, as well as the lasers and the fog.

Jhin and Melissa entered the elevator.

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