kulupu wi wawa unu

The two finally met up in front of the cafe. Melissa was born in this town, but Jhin had come from a bigger town further south. All around them, the city was silent. There was no one, and even birds did not dare speak in their musical tongues.

A voice called from within the cafe. "You can come in." The duo entered.

Inside the cafe was a small group of people, fifteen at most, five of which were dressed in what seemed like battle gear.

All of these people were survivors. About a year before today, a new mall had opened in the town. The mall had everything you could want to buy, could satisfy any material desire. And, little by little, the population of the town had gone missing.

This was all that was left. Under such a threat, they had agreed that an expedition should be sent. Two teams were made, team A and team B.

Team A had five members. All of them had prepared for a while, gathering various military outfits and weapons.

Team B, meanwhile, had two members. Melissa had applied for a team, but the closely knit members of team A refused to either split up or take her in. Jhin had arrived earlier this morning. They were a cop from another city and had been sent here at the request of the survivors. Two was not that much for a team, but they couldn't find anyone else.

"Today, we will start the exploration of the mall. You will all be given a radio, to communicate between teams and with us.

"Team A will go in first. An hour later, team B will join them."

Thus spoke the owner of the cafe, and self proclaimed leader of the survivors.

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