kulupu wi wawa unu

but before the main turnament could resume... WILLIAM goes on stage and he takes a miicrophone and he goes "all the losers still have a chance ! there is a loser brakcet which open now !!!!!!!

And everyone LOOOKED AT THE arena and saw it was TRUE !! BECAUSE there was proteus and pdyasis the loosers of the first brackets and they were about to fight right now

and then william go "LET THE FIGHT BEGGIN" and suddenly a RSUH OF WATER FELL FROM THE sky directly into the arena and then proteus was SWIMMING in it and NOT DROWNING and podyasis was DROWNING in it and NOT SWIMMING but thankfully there was a big rock and she held on to it and didnt die and then as PORTEUS leaped out of the water to attack A WHALE FALL ON HIM and he goes in the water and he drowns and die

PODYASIS wins the first match of the loser bracket ! everyobody cheers !!

>NEON_ARENA_10 : Intermission 3