kulupu wi wawa unu

THOUSAND of years AGO Preternam's SOWRD had BEEN forged... IT was an old SWORD that was FULL of ANDIENT WARIORS and ALL THEir experience and stuff. Preternam HAD MANAGED to tame it... They HAD become a SOWRD KING

Meanwhile PRROgARDS was a guy WHO whad learnd that the WORLD WAS JSUT modifiable very EASILY by going into ITS MORPHogetetic Epistiomological MAKEUP and TYPING like a coold hacker and he was very strong and cool and no one knew about him bc of it

THEY WERE both in the arena and PRETERNAM was shapriening his BLADE and PROGARS was sharperning his KEYBRAOD. the atmsophere was TENSE.......... abd tgeb SUDDENLY PREternam JUMPS forward WITH sword AND SLASHES at PRGORAS...

And progars is slashed and falls in two pieces on the ground... EXCEPT NOT !!!!!!!! AND HE HAD MADE clones of himself with computer and had reprogrammed reality so that the clones DIED but HE WASNT DEAD AND he reprogrames the floor of the arean TO LAUNCH A HUGE SpIKE UNDER PRETERNAM

and rpeternam is flew away on spike and lands.... PROGARAS WINS !!!!