kulupu wi wawa unu

PYRONA the whit WOLF was looking AT THE SUN. IT was what SHE COULD DO, Looking AT the Sun with no GLASS because she COULD CONTROL THE sun. SHE WAS VERy silent and very stilled because she was Meditating like a monk. She WAS VERy valm before A BATTLE ALWAYS.

MEANwile PODYASIS was GYAMBLING. SHE wsa not a adult BUT she was VERY VERY VERY VERY lucky o its ok. SHE was winning right now because she alwayyyys WIN.

BUT THE both got ready....... it was the moment of.... tHE SECOND BATTLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT was Noon so THE SUN WAS very HIGH and PYRONA was happy becase this was a advatage for HER. SHE CONCENTRATE the ray of the sun and she MAKE A LASER VERTICAL !!!!!!!! IT HITS PODYASIS !!!!! except....

she HAD A DUST IN her hair... and it REFLECTS THE LASER AT PURONA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who reflec it back ! and back and back and back

AND WHAMMM !! podyasis FLIES BACKWARD because she TAKES THE LASER IN THE FACE !! thankfully someone left a BED behind so she not too hurt. LUCKY !!

"This is WHY SKILL and concetraton is BETTER THAN lucky. Ha !!"

PYRONA WIN ยงยงยงยง