kulupu wi wawa unu

every one CHERED in the ARENA. The fIRST MATCH WIll begin SOON. POLYMATH sirks at PRTEUS and goes "don't worry if YOU LOOSE YOU FAT LOOSER" and he cries.


polymath run arounds all fast and there are AFTER IMMAGES behind her and WINGS full of colors. THE RED DOG then stops PLAYIG AROUND and pounces at PROTEUS !!!!!!

AND HE CRIES so much hader because it hurts :(. BUT this is all he needs hes son of water god !!!!!! and HIS TEAR flood the ANENA and water is EVERYWHERE !!!!

But PoLYMath is faster and she rUNS ON TOPS OF WATER . and she jump highhh hiiigh in the air AND PROTEUS MAKES A spear of water and he THROWS IT but its just water AND POLYMATH SHE IS FASTER than water and she kicks down LIKE A DROP KICK AND BAAAAAAm

POLYTMATH WINS THE FIRST combat. yay !!!!! Cheers EVERYWHERE and confeti and sparkles.

>NEON_ARENA_3 : Intermission 1