kulupu wi wawa unu

THE SECOND match of the SECOND DAY was about to start....... PROGARS AND PYRZAGAL WHERE WATCHING EACH OTHER IN THE AREAN. but pyrzagal was shrouded in a cloak of darkness and so progars could not see them.

THE MATCH BEGAN and 3 clouds of DARKNESS rush TOWARD PROGARS !!!!! PYRZAGAL is inside one !!! but which one !!!!!!!! SO PORGARS MAKE A WALL OF LIGHT WITH CODE and the LIGHT IS DISSIPATED the clouds !!!!!! except one hidch jump back and make SPIRES AND CLWAS from the smoke ! its pyrzagal inside makeing them from inside the clousd

but progars understand now....... they make a sowrd with the light and another and another and many swords and then THEY SLASH AND THEY LAUNCHE THEM AT THE CLOUD AND then the CLAWS OF DARKNESS FLY TO PROGARS and then....

PYRZAGAL WINS !!!! THEY AVODIDIED the swords and progars got STAbBED and SLASHED by hte claws and DIED !!