kulupu wi wawa unu

IT WAS THE second day of matche s!!!! EVERYONE in the audience is CHEERING because their OS happy to have another day of FUN anf everything. The y are happy because the FISTH are really GOOD AND fun and eternetning to watch.

PRYOSNA and polymath are in the arena... theyr GETING ready to fight.... PEOPLE don t know how this match is going to END or WHATS FOING TO HAPEN. their excited.

ANd BAM POLYMATH GO an run and get close to PYRONA and pyrona launche LAZERS FROM THE SUN to her and POLYMAth dodge them and VLAWM she jumps over pyrona WHICH HIDES HER FROM TEH USN and pyrona is COLLAPESED because she need the sun...

SO POLYMATH GOE FAASTER THEN LIGHT and jumps always over the sun to HIDE IT but at one point... SHE MAKES A MYSTAKE and a ray of SUN falls on pYRONA AND she use it to SHOOT AT POLUMATH AND SHE HISTS AND SHE WINS !!!!!!