kulupu wi wawa unu

Immediately upon reaching his chamber, William collapsed and held back a belch. If Proteus' death had been terrible, at least he had had the decency to dies away from eyes. The same could not be said for the tow, who chose probably the most gruesome way to die.

William closed his eyes in the effort to stand up, but immediately fell again. Behind his eyelids, in a flash, the scene had revealed itself once again.

Preternam's hed was partially missing, half of it having been blasted off by the gunshot, let a red ooze fall down, the remaining half showing a contorted expression of anger and rage. The mouth was half present, with some of the teeth still attached to the maw.

Preyer's abdomen was cut open. In a single strike, his guts had been exposed, his muscles had been sliced, and his internal organs had spilled out in a red pile. Upon the tangled intestines, the stomach had slipped down and set itself next to the liver, the contrast between the two catching the eye in a horrific manner.

With a great pain, William stood up and went to the sink, where he washed his face. In the mirror, he saw his tired eyes sunken in their sockets, underlined by dark streaks. He sat down at his desk, and started to write a letter.