kulupu wi wawa unu

It was impossible to drain the arena while still getting a hold of Proteus' body. William turned the valve to open the arena drains. He had been prepared for somthing like that, and so the controls where in his room, away from them.

A sinking feeling in his stomach made him feel cold and shivering. He looked to the desk, thinking of writing another letter, but elected against it. There was one more match to oversee today.

Would there be more casualties ? He did not know. And, in the end, he knew he did not care. It was a cruel thing to think. But this was the point of this whole ordeal. One more or one less would not matter much, even if the death was earlier than anticipated.

He turned to the door, but before he could make even a step towards it, he fell to the ground. He was exhausted. His bones felt cold and weary, and he had to struggle to find his cane and stand up again. Just one more match. Then, the day would be over.