kulupu wi wawa unu

"WELCOME all to the NEW TUNARMENT ! In this arena above the sky , YOU ALL will fithg and COMPETE to see which one IS THE trongets !! I HOPE to se all of you FIGHT LIKE yuour life... depends on it..."

With this GRANDOSE speech, the turnaemnt openeD, and cheers ejaculated from the everywhere of the stanium. Everyone was so exited !!!!

WIlliam the anouncer wiped the SWEET from his browns. He had been REhearsed this Speech all week. Fianlyy, all hes work CAME TO FRUTION. He went back down the stairs TO THE stag and then down the halway and THEN he went to hi's ROOM and then sat AT his DECK. He was PROUD OF WHat he had DOWN.

THE FIRST match was preparing itself. THIS was the 1st TUNANENT for all the people HERE. They were PERECUTED usually and SO were VERY VERY HAPPY to finally have a PACE where they COULD LIVE and BE THEM SELFS.

PROTEUS was sweeting HEAVY. He was participating in THE FIRST match of THE FIRST turnanemtent. he had a lot of EXPECATIONS on his shoulders. HE was the ULTIMATE firsherman and also the son OF THE GOD of tHE SEA. BUT this was a ECRET EVEN to HIM.

HIS onopent was POLYMATH who was the PINCESS OF A sesert kindom and HSE WAS SUPER duper really fast.