kulupu wi wawa unu

The descendant had lived a peaceful life in a village. They had a childhood filled with memories of wheat fields, stargazing and bug catching, unaware of they potential they had.

But, one day the angel came. They had tracked the child down, and had scoured the land for the village in which they lived. And soon after finding it, they rained destruction onto it. They burned the houses down, and violently executed all the villagers they found.

But the human parent of the descendant had hidden their child in the basement of their house, where neither flame nor light would reach. Through a crack in the floor, however, the descendant saw all the people they had grew up with get mercilessly killed.

Blinded by rage, their powers suddenly awoke. Colorful explosions and multicolored rays of light waged war against holy smoke and blades of pure light, but eventually the descendant prevailed.

The Pennalegis, suddenly fearing yet another, planted their swords into the sky and fled to another land, which they decided to inhabit. They raised protective barriers after barriers, sealing the entrance to anyone, but especially to the descendant.

The golden fields of their childhood dyed red with the blood of their long time friends, the descendant vowed to never forgive the angels. They would bring the Pennalegis' demise, be it by their own hand or by aiding that of another.

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