kulupu wi wawa unu

The Formamutatio were the weakest tribe. Their only strength lay in their shapeshifting abilities, but their physical strength could never back these forms.

Seeing the destructive rampage of the Angels, they feared for the future. But, in their dreams, the former Tesserelunae spoke and offered their solution.

They were to build a device called "server", which in many centuries would be integrated in a vast web of knowledge, and they were to turn themselves into abstract ideas and enter that device. Closely following the instructions they heard whispered in their sleep, they completed the device, as well as the machine that would digitalize them.

But, when they began the process of digitalization, the Pennalegis started to attack the tribe. They fought back with all they could, to send as many Formamutatio to the undergound server. Unfortunately, they could not defend for a long time.

In the end, only 32 members of the tribe had been digitalized. The rest of the tribe, the thousands of other Formutatio, had all been killed by the Angels.

[CHAT START] PRG.R17 & PRG.R25 DATE:13/07/107

>>R17: Are you all right ?
>>R25: i
>>R25: how do i
>>R25: its [horrible]
>>R17: Calm down. It's horrible but we can do [nothing] about it.
>>R25: and yet
>>R25: and yet did the [dream_dwellers] really not [forsee] this ??
>>R17: They did what was right. They saved [as_many] as they could.
>>R25: but so many
>>R25: [died]
>>R25: how do i [cry] in this [new_existence]
>>R25: how do i cry [without_a_body]
>>R17: I wish I could tell you. I wish we had [answers], or a [goal], or something to light the [way] before us.
>>R25: i don't know if
>>R25: if i want to [go_on].
>>R17: I know. I don't know [either].


>RED_FIELDS_8: Hole in a sealed jar