kulupu wi wawa unu

After their success with the Argillacreantis, the angels chose their next target. They decided that the tribes of the Umbradesertis and the Tesserelunae posed the biggest danger out of all the remaining tribes, and that they should be the next ones eliminated.

The Umbradesertis held a great power : they could create cracks in reality. Unfortunately, if they did not restrain themselves, the cracks could run deep and could never be mended.

The Pennalegis knew this, and they provoked the Umbradesertis to a great war. The war only held a single battle, on the Umbradesertis' territory.

Suddenly targeted by a surprise attack, and with a lackluster communication and organisation, the Umbradesertis got shortsighted and many of the members of the tribe used their powers. Nearly instantly, they all realized their mistake as the entirety of them fell into the void between dimensions, where they still lay banished to this day.

The Tesserelunae similarly held a great power. Though they could not pierce the fabric of reality, they could bend it and ripple it at will. But, similarly to the Umbradesertis' power, they knew not to abuse that power, as it could easily create separate bubbles in reality, which would be lost forever.

But, unforseen to them, they were also blindsighted on their own territory. The same tactic that was used for the banishing of the Umbradesertis was used for the banishing of the Tesserelunae, and their own power was their bane.

The chaos that resulted from the many ripples in the lunar underground capital propulsed the entirety of the tribe inside a bubble in reality, where today even they lay banished.

No one had ever seen the void between dimensions, but it was simply that : an endless void with no thing.

No one had ever seen the folded space of the reality bubbles, but it was a space in which all of reality, and all of time, all that was, that is, that will be, everywhere, was happening all at once.

In the endless void, the Umbradesertis lost their form. They became shapeless mounds, as dark as the void around them.

Under the constant stimuli, the Tesserelunae lost their form, and became bright stars of knowledge and emotions. From their folded realm, they discovered they could appear into the dreams of others, but again knew not to abuse that power, as the terrifying possibilities of parallel universes running infinite was not one they wanted to multiply their currrent hell by.

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