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kulupu wi wawa unu

The pure white lights of the Pennalucis were highly coveted, especially amongst the Magnacorona tribe. These lights had the property of never growing dull, and of never getting sullied.

As such, the Magnacorona began to hunt down the Pennalucis for their wings.

Due to the slow reproductive cycle of the winged beasts, this hunt nearly drove to extinction. As a defensive measure, the Pennalucis started to communicate between themselves, something which they rarely did before.

The ethereal nature of the Pennalucis turned this communication into something much more important; indeed, before long the Pennalucis formed a hivemind.

A majority of them were not assimilated in that hivemind, but a non negligeable portion had joined it.

The hivemind called itself the Angels, but was also known as the Pennalegis.

RED_FIELDS_5: Winged Law