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kulupu wi wawa unu

However, the plan did not work. As they circled around, the RAT saw that the tribes were not prepared for combat. And, as they finished their first rotation, they were alerted that the angels had begun appearing.

Despite the lack of preparation, the angels were still dispatched by the Magnacorona. But then, more and more angels started appearing, until a large congregation of angels was reported at the center of the sewers, the only point where the territory of all three tribes met.

In a hurry, the RAT and the Descendant both rushed to that point, and fought the angels. However, in the confusion of the battle, the RAT received a blow to the head and lost consiousness.

Not missing this opportunity, the angels quickly lifted the RAT's body and integrated it back in the hivemind, in a position much harder to escape from.

The angels had acquired an asset that would easily allow them to win any future battle. But, before retreating, they decided to use their newly acquired weapon.

Unleashing the forlorn power of the Rex Angelus Taciturnus, the angels bore a hole through the earth, turning the city above the battlefield into a lifeless pit.

In that destruction, every tribe, save for the angels and the Formutatio lost millions of members. Even the descendant sustained heavy injuries and would remain in such a state for a long time.

The tribes that sustained heavy casualties all decided to not attack the angels directly. Their leaders captured, they would remain far away from the paths of angels and humans and lead peaceful lives.