kulupu wi wawa unu

Of course, the ones who dwelled among dreams knew of this plan. As everything that is, they knew the road it would take and how they would influence this road. Everything was predetermined to them, even their own actions, and in fear of eternal suffering they would follow this predetermination closely.

Using their powers to manipulate the slumbering minds, they appeared before the descendant, and before the leader of every tribe. Together, all of them devised a plan to stop the angels.

This plan was not out of love for humanity, but out of fear of the angels, and out of fear of extinction. If the Pennalegis successfully eradicated humans, they would no doubt attack the remaining tribes afterward.

Another precious ally the ones who dwell in dreams managed to include in their plan was the Rex Angelus Taciturnus. The negociations with them had been long and harduous, but in the end the RAT agreed that if the angels were not stopped then, they could never be stopped.

The plan devised was as such : the Magnacorona, the Raninanis and the Pestincolis would each cover an equal area of the sewers, exclusive to their tribe. The Formutatio would be in charge of communication between every tribe, and finally, the RAT and the Descendant were to circle the whole area in two opposite spirals, always at an opposite position to each other.

This formation was made so that, no matter where the angels would attack, they would be met with opposition.

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