kulupu wi wawa unu

This plan, however, weakened over time. When at first humans were hostile enough to each other to start wars, upon time they mellowed and the wars became less frequent. The wars would be shorter and make less victims.

The hold of religion over humans also lessened over time, but they discovered a solution to that. Humans didn't stop believing, they had rather shifted their beliefs from the immaterial to the material. It was an age of blatant and uncontrollable capitalism, and the angels devised a plan around that.

They would remove the humanity from humans, and make them into a tribe that the angels had created, limiting the potential of humans to be only equal to that of angels at most.

They created a machine using the embryo of a being made from the corpses of many Pennalegis. The sacrifice that led to the creation of this humanity inhibitor wiped out a sizeable part of the hivemind.

All they needed now was a way for the humans to get in contact with the machine. To do this, they built towers that would link the earth and the angel land. These towers were not towers, but rather singular rooms floating in the void, between which one would be transported in a way that would give the illusion of a single building.

To test these towers in depth, they chose the sewers of a city, one that has since long disappeared from every map.

>RED_FIELDS_13: Waters turn clear