kulupu wi wawa unu

While the angels would sometimes recruit unwilling Pennalucis to the hivemind, those would rarely have a say in joining. However, sometimes it could happen that the connection to the rest of the hivemind would be weaker for some of its elements, and that these would break out.

The fallen angels that would break out were called Pennadecussis. Resenting the needless destruction that the angel saw as necessary, they gathered in farms and tended to their crops, avoiding conflict and instead choosing to lead a simple life.

They could never go back to the wild beasts they were as Pennalucis, but instead chose lifestyles that were similarly simple.

The first angel to have fallen is known as the Rex Angelus Taciturnus, often shortened to RAT. Their break had been organized by the desendant, but they didn't associate with other fallens much. They too held a great power, as they had been a powerful angel in the hivemind.

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