kulupu wi wawa unu

Within the dream, the Argillacreantis spread seven seeds across the planets to populate it. Each seed gave birth to a tribe.

The first seed sprouted in the northern silver cloaked forests. It gave birth to the Pennalucis, ethereal beings of light and wings.

The second seed sprouted in the western desert. It gave birth to the Umbradesertus, shadowy beings collecting detritus and trash in their hoard.

The third seed sprouted on the planet's satellite. It gave birth to the Tesserelunae, shiny octahedrons who built cities on the moon.

The fourth seed sprouted in the northmost barren lands. It gave birth to the Magnacorona, magnetic beings surrounded by metallic debris.

The fifth seed sprouted in the great plains in the south. It gave birth to the Raninanis, cave dwellers plagued with visions of the void.

The sixth seed sprouted in mountains neither to the south nor to the north. It gave birth to the Formamutatio, shapeshifters living in fear of the other tribes.

The seventh and last seed sprouted in a large city to the northeast. It gave birth to the Pestincolis, beings made of conglomerated bacteria, virii and germs.

Their work done, the Argillacreantis turned themselves to stone statues and made a vow to never interfere with their creations.

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