original cycle : 0-0 prologue

retroactive slug reaction


kulupu wi wawa unu

So uhh. hi. this is kpwu, and this is uhh. well this is the retroactive slug reaction of me reacting to my writing. this is basically going to be commentary for all of psatcwot. so let's start

One thing to know about psatcwot is that it didn't come from nowhere, as in it's not just a thing i did for fun. at first it was a ttrpg campaign (which would become c2), but there will be more about that when, you know, i talk about it.

So when psatcwot really *did* start, there wasn't really a beggining, and all the lore (ie c1 and c0) came retroactively. So basically, this prologue means nothing

it's still canon, and important to the themes of psatcwot, but it's short because it was quite literally written on the spot when i decided there needed to be at least some sort of prologue.

And now, well, it's just kind of there. my unloved, unloveable child. oh well.

I still think it's an interesting piece, if a short one. it also raises a question, one that seems innocuous at first, and that i'll keep hidden for a while.