currently reading : hyphae


kulupu wi wawa unu

Everywhere under the earth

Scouring lands unseen and untouched

Kilometers and millenias

Light years and aeons

And kilometers and kilometer

And strings in all directions


And hyphaes

Colors of white and pale and pink

Colors of death and bone and rot

Ruinous arbitors ruling the lands

Generous caregivers breathing life in the earth

And millenias again and forever

Millenias in eternity with no death nor life

No love nor hate

No soul but a body

Molding sprouting rotting

Bloodless fleshes of bloodless whites

Decomposing munching degrading

Teethless mouthes of teethless smoothes

In all the world maybe only One is there

Only One spreading everywhere

Or many, many, so many

All forming the essence of One

Giant network of strings and films

Spreading and connecting

In the soil in the ground in the plants

So terrible and deadly

yet so needed and generous

oh do you see this one ?

tall and lanky with black marks on its white spire

and this one so flat and curver

like a bowl for the faeries

this one is red, deep and complex

and this one so black, rough, but oh, good