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kulupu wi wawa unu

"Anthy. Anthy... I need to go outside. I need to help them. Anthy..."

Jeers. Cries. Screams. Of anger, of anguish, hatred, sorrow, sadness...

"Brother, you can't. Not in this state."

The prince of flies collapses, like a porcelain doll. His sister, the weary witch, steps outside.

"Dios can't go outside. I'm sorry." The crowd spews its hatred. Pitchforks rise in the air. "Dios can't help you. He won't ever be able to help you again." The crowd comes closer. Too close, too close... Yet still it screams, yet still so far, in an incomprehension like that of a child, with the bodies like that of adults. "It's because... it's because..." Dios is hurt. Dios was never real. He never existed. There never was a prince. But they wouldn't understand. They would scream, refusing to understand. "It's because I trapped Dios in my castle !"

"I will protect you Anthy."

Words of love. Words of dependency.

The duelist, oh so brave prince, achieved the revolution of the world. Wings of light, rains of roses, oh hero of nobility, how i thank thee...

But, the gate can't be opened.

The sword breaks and the swords swarm. A mutilated corpse, another sword among the million others. A word of hate among the million others.

Brave hero...

"Big brother, thank you."

For keeping the cycle, for fighting so hard for the pain of another.

But does this child understand ? Can the prince of flies regain his throne high up in the sky ?

"Anthy... I love you, dear sister."

And quietly, yet another student is forgotten. And quietly, the world continues to revolve.

No, the prince of flies can only stay in the hell it created. It can only hover around the carcasses of others, feasting.

"Anthy, come closer, dear sister."

No, the child can't understand. It can't know that it never existed itself.

"Anthy, I will relieve your pain, dear sister..."

But it tries. It continues. The world revolves once more, and the revolution is yet farther.

"Anthy, dear sister... ah..."

No one can escape its formidable clutches, hands that reach to the End of the World, shadows that cover the Edge of All.

"Big brother..."

No one can fight its grip, its monstrous love.

In this world, no one is alive.

"They don't understand. They don't know."

Not even its rulers, not even the bride, not even the prince.

"They don't know you. They cannot love something they don't know."

Not even the hundreds, thousands, millions of students that go and come in its pristine halls.

"They can't love you like I love you. I love you, dear sister, dear bride. I love you so much."

And in this world, the people most close to death are the ones closer to its heart, stabbed by a silver sword.

"Oh, Anthy, why won't you let me help you."

Rose petals fly up in the air, spiraling toward the eternity looming above.

"Why won't you let me heal you, why don't you want to get better."

No wings of light, but the indistince mass of a million swords, from the abyss below.

"I'm only here for you. I'm only here to help you absolve yourself of your own sin."

A thorny ring, all around the bride, closing in more and more.

Oh, brave hero whose chest is clad by a white rose. Look up to the castle up above.

Brave hero, who fought to the duel named Revolution. Hold your sword high and let not your heart falter.

"The dress of a princess suits you much better than the uniform of a prince."

Do not let the prince of flies trap you in its velvet covered clutches.

"Why don't you understand !"

Swords clashing, the stars above, onlooking a battle that has repeated itself, again and again and again and again.

"Because I will become a prince !"

Crumbling spires, ruinous tower.

"I'm sorry, brave prince."

Silently, like a whisper in the night, it thrusts in.

"But I couldn't stand to see you like that."

Like a warm, sorrowful embrace. The embrace of friends going separate ways.

"I couldn't stand to see you at the top of this dark staircase leading down to hell."

Round and round, the carrousel spins.

From the abyss, the curse rises. Its million needle like bones of metal in an upward spiral.

"Anthy, for you, I will start the revolution of the world."

A revolution like a disc, like a flower in the wind, like sweet words lying in bed and all that comes with it.

"Because I love you, Anthy, despite knowing everything of you."

Empty words ringing hollow, said with the sword of another in his hands.

"Yes brother. I love you too."

Again, that crowd from so long ago.

"Himemiya ! Himemiya !"

Oh, brave hero, for but a moment you gave me a test of true love.

And like needles, they all close in. With a breathless scream, they stab tender flesh. Flesh so weary, so tired, that it cannot afford to feel.


Flesh so tired it cannot feel love nor hatred, warmth nor pain.

"Surely, I can bear this for a bit longer."

Words of hope, from a flesh devoid of feelings.

And the hero watches on, feeling a fraction of the pain, a horrified expression on her face.

"Only I can choose how to use this power."

The hero lies down, feeling the pain of the bride. She wished for only one thing, but in the end everything was taken from all she ever knew and loved.

"So don't be sad."

Empty words, from a heart who only loves a twisted love.

"You can finally rest."

Cursed words, from a soul that only existed in and for the mind of others.

And yet.

And yet the hero stands again.

As the bride is pierced again and again, as the prince tries to open the gate...

The hero stands up, fighting for her life, panting, bleeding, sweating.

If everything was taken from her, then she would take everything back.

The hero's sword breaks in the hands of the prince. If he can't open the gate, then the wounded hero won't be able to either.

But still, she stands. Still, she limps to the gate, and pushes and pulls, and fights for the love of the one above, of the sacrificial lamb no one had ever truly loved.

The soulless words of the heartless prince cannot break the mind of the hurting hero.

"Himemiya... You don't know it but..."

And still, the swords stab. And still they come.

"The time where I was with you... was the happiest I have ever felt."

And they stop. And they retreat.

Only love can break the cycle of hate.

The tear falls, and the door opens.