kulupu wi wawa unu


This website is the website of KPWU (/kupiwau/). I write, draw, and maybe do other things like music. You can contact us by mail via kpwu.mail@gmail.com
All content created by me on this site can by used according to the Creative Commons BY-NC licence. If you want to use something here for a commercial work, contact me, I'll probably agree. But do cantact me.
You can also leave a comment on the guestbook.

Currently ongoing on the site

Things that are currently ongoing on the site : Pattering steps among the crushing wheels of time (or psatcwot) which will be updated daily during each cycle, with a bit of pause between them. (i only start publishing a cycle when it's entirely written).

Dream Eye is a webcomic we hold that is also updated sometimes. (there's a lot more of it, but not on here. I need to catch the site up to date.) and also the blog ! which i update somewhat frequently (or not) with thoughts or rants or other stuff.
the art page is also updated in batches (though i need to muster the will to do one)

if you want to put a button to this site on yours...

here's a button design you can use :kpwu button

or click on it to go see my neocity profile !

Collection of cool buttons

here is a collection of buttons I made or I gathered over the interwebs.

PSATCWOT button : Button I made for PSATCWOT.

Dream Eye button : Button I made for Dream Eye.

Ohtori.nu : Button made by Vanna from Ohtori.nu. Check them out ! Ohtori.nu is an incredible resource if you like Utena, full of fan content, interviews, official material...

Ohtori.nu : Same as above.

Ohtori.nu : the last one, I swear ! This one was donated by Arashi (email address linked via the button).

Touhou Laboratory. More like a banner... This is for a touhou doujin album called Touhou Laboratory, by the circle Cocktail M49

Touhou Kousoukyoku : Also a button for an album by the doujin group Cocktail M49. The album is called Touhou Kousoukyoku, as you can imagine. since their website is dead and not backed up, click the button to view the (gorgeous) album art.

Touhou Kakuushou : Button for Touhou Kakuushou, also by Cocktail M49. Site is dead, click for cover.

Poisoning : A banner for the album of the same name by the doujin circle 38beets.

Puzzle : A banner for the album of the same name by the doujin circle 38beets. Funnily enough, most of 38beets' albums start with the letter P.

Mary had a little love : Album of the same name, by the Doujin circle echo project. I can't write this, but there are greater than and smaller than signs around the echo.

Rosée : album of the same name by echo project. By the way, all of these have been Touhou fan albums.

Crystal Mind : Album by 2nd Flush doujin group.

That's all for now.