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this is the art page ! as per with everything on the site, you can use it in things you do as long as you follow the guidelines of the CC BY-NC licence. only previews of the images are on this page, to view one in full simply click the preview. more will be added... whenever !!!!! i draw a lot

batch list :

Batch 2 : old thangs (11/01/2023)

Batch 1 : the beggining of the end (05/01/2023)

BATCH 2 BELOW (added 11/01/2023) - old thangs

i'll start this batch with a double : this version is a picture that then received a filter in the form of... whatever color + whatever blending mode. Yeah most of this batch is old of at least a few years. These were all fished out of my phone, and i haven't used my phone for art in... a while ! so enjoy this angel.

and here's the same picture but with minimal editing. i like the texture of the wings and of the end of the light rays. i don't often draw with markers, but when i do it's always brush ones bc of how versatile they are. maybe i should do it more ? (foreshadowing)

oh i remember this one. it was drawn during class, then photographied and drawn over. i would draw a lot in the class i drew it in (it was philosophy). the japanese texts the lyrics to baka mitai. and yes, the skies and the city were shamelessely stolen from pinterest. preapre to see more of this

this is an ooold oc. its a rabbit plush that attacks you with ghosts hands. i remember it from a dream, where donald duck was in an underground city, and was chased around by the plush. there were other people, and while donald wasn't injured by the plush, it would attack all those around him, while following him.
god the donald comics are so good.

this is a digitalized doodle. it was made in a series of other similar doodles, but out of that series i only deemed one of them good enough to be shown. during high school, i drew almost exclusively angels and non human characters. and now it costs me, bc i can draw these things pretty well but i can't draw a person for the life of me

oh yeah, the kirby is reaaal. i like the colors and textures on this one. the background is very nonsensical. be prepared for that ! in this batch, backgrounds are either nonexistent or nonsensical. its like touhou in there

this one is kinda interesting. you know that thing where you make your display monochrome and only draw with saturated colors ? well that's how i colored this one. it was also drawn on phone, and i quite like the rendering. composition is a bit eh, but it's still pretty good.

i don't know anything about this one. i vaguely remember drawing this ? idk when but i sure did. i do remember how i made the blue wings, it's just a copy of the wings scaled up and colored blue.

this is... an oc ! i don't have any story about him, or any name or whatever. i think they're neat. haven't drawn them in years. probably never will again. i also really like that pose and that style, it's very dynamic. i don't really draw like that anymore

and here he is again. prepare to never see him ever again. i also like that pose, and the fire here is especially good. now my style has evolved a bit too far away for me to draw fire like that, but it's a very cool fire.

did you know that... i really like OFF. this is a fanart of japhet from that game. he is probably my favourite character in OFF, and bismarck is my favourite zone in the game. the idea of a guardian being forgotten by his protegees and coming to resent them is extremely interesting.

this is a jellyfish. the tentacles are good. the colors too.

here's the rat again. this is a digital version of their second drawing ever. when ill put that sketchbook there we'll see that drawing again.

this is also the rat. this was drawn as a pfp. it has a very sharp and blocky style for reasons i will not disclose.

this is a fanart of the trillionage sprout from earthbound. i like this boss because it's just a big pile, and big piles of stuff are always good. i also like master belch and puke for that same reason.

this is another oc that goes along with the fire shroom guy from earlier. these two go hand in hand. by the way, the design of the worms here was recycled into the brain worm that lape has. yeah, it looks like that. when i get along to posting the tarot you'll see what i mean.

this is such a shitty image. i thought it would be funny to put it here. this was made on a school computer. the drawings that follow were also made on school computers a while ago.

this drawing, and all those who follow, were drawn on top of microscope pictures taken during biology/geology. this is an interesting drawing as well, as the angels seen here are prototypes of the archangels in psatcwot. not that you would know, wince i've never released a picture of them. that will come, don't worry.

i won't lie, this microscope series is really edgy and pretentious. this is a flower pistil- don't ask me what flower, probably a lys or something. and yes these are crosses stabbing it. wow ! shocking !

this is like... a stomata or something. there are eyes inside, like an angel's, and then teeth. these eyes, with a circle inside, are actually what an angel's eye looks like in psatcwot. if it wasn't clear from c1 (i don't blame you), a single circle is a pennalucis, two circles is a pennalegis, or angel, and a circle and a cross is a fallen, or pennadecussis.

this is... granith or womething via polarized light. idk, i haven't done geology in years. anyways, these are just clouds. i don't draw clouds like that, because the flat bottom can look very stiff.

wow ! a mustard flower (i think its a mustard flower) covered in eyes ! how novel.

wow ! a lys, covered in eyes... hold on. haven't we seen that before ?

oh teehee. this is uh. a art. for sure. an angel overlooking three tombstones. yep. i don't remember what the background is. to be honest, i don't know of much things that would look like that under a microscope.


oh this... proto design of a character i can't tell yet. the japanese says dolorosa which is latin for pain or something. How edgy !

BATCH 1 BELOW (added 05/01/2023) - the beggining of the end (batch is reversed, start at the bottom)

and heres...... the RAT ! yeah they look like this. the origin of their design is... oh teehee :3c
remember the jacko pose thing ? i had no humanoid character i could pose for it, so i made up a character for that. and the result is this !! the rat. this isn't the original drawing, which i'll probably post sometime. but it's a funny story anyway.
and just like the piece below, this was made for the eternal earth campaign, but i'm putting it now since the rat has already come up before.
that's all for now. i have a few notebooks i want to put here, but that'll have to wait until another time cuz i'm tired now

and this, is an umbradesertus !! yeah, they look like that. a funny thing is that when i was making my tarot deck, a year or so ago, i had no idea for what design they would have. i made a lot of tries, and eventually came to comething like this, which was good enough (they represetned the wands, which now i see doens't fit at all). i'll showcase more of my tarot when... at least when c4 is over, as there are spoilers for it.
also, this specific drawing was made for the campaign of cycle 4 (which is called eternal earth). but since it's a design of a character we've already seen in psatcwot, i'm showing it here.

finally, a break from the psatcwot stuff !!
i reallly like drawing underwater stuff. and actually submerging something in water always makes it 1000* more awesome to me. this was also a test for shading, coloring, etc... in the end, i'm very happy of this piece, even if i killed my eyes drawing it. i also really like the broken perspective of the ruins on the outside.

[warning for eyestrain]
and there it is ! the true final boss of the infinite mall. this boss was not made to be beatable. it had like, 4 turns, resisted every element, and had an absurd amount of hp. i'm not going to talk about the boss though. did you know that, the start of the infinite mall was fucked up ? there was a mechanic were players and enemies could skip a turn to increase physical or psychic power until their next attack. they could, and were encouraged to do it many times in a row, up to 10. but here's the problem : the multiplier increased exponentially. and that meant that enemies and players had, and i am not exaggerating, like 10^25HP. the first boss had that amount of hp. that mechanic was one of the first things to go.

and this, is the final boss. it's the big cloud of the first campaign, the one named ▓▓▓▓. in the infinite mall campaign, their name was [insert tetragrammaton}. while i am not religious, i do understand that using that name at all can be disrespectful. and using it for something that isn't even god ? forget about it ! so while rewriting psatcwot, i changed its named to something unpronounceable and unreadable. though now every file of that guy has lekolekolekoleko in it which is kind of a pain.
ah, the lenght i go to for my art~...

i'll be honest : the infinite mall campaign was a disaster. i had never done a ttrpg before, and kind of shat that one out. the system was basically the press turn system from modern smt games, and there were waaayy to much calculations for damage. i had a calc sheet but it was unoptimized. so while it would be very fun to tell you how this boss fought, or what its gimmick was, i have no idea and even if i looked at that sheet i would have no idea. sorry !

and here is the second cut floor of the infinite mall. this one was just before the boss' office. before the stairs to the final floor, there was a barrier that had to be broken. to open it, the players had to go on two mini floors : one was a library, in which they would fight a seraph, the other was this... watery place in which they had to fight a throne (the angel). after beating these two bosses, the barrier would break and they would have to fight a cherub before final entering the office. then, the barrier would reform before the cashier entered, which is why they couldn't be on time.

and now we're getting into psatcwot stuff. or rather proto-psatcwot, which is to say the infinite mall trpg campaign. i think two floors were cut from that campaign, as in not written into psatcwot. the first one was a floor just after the 4 tribes, where Jhin and Melissa would go into the domain of the void-dwellers and dream-dwellers (respectively umbradesertus and lunatesseirae after being banished). their leaders had been captured by the angel, so the two would have to free them again. which brings us to this drawing.
yeah, this is the leader of the dream-dwellers, aka the ghost-matter. this was drawn in ms paint, because save for the final illustrations of the infinite mall, most were drawn in ms paint with a mouse. though of all of these, this one is the only one i think is shareable. maybe i'll put some of the environments but idk.
the thing about this guy was that they would enter the room, and that guy would descend from the ether and start a final boss monolgue. which was a troll, of course, because the boss of that area wasn't that guy but an archangel.

this was also made as a wallpaper. i used it for a while but not anymore.
as you can see, it's a monolith in the middle of the desert. wow, haven't i seen that before ? ok, ok, i won't pretend this is an obscure reference. 2001's black monolith is referenced everywhere (including heavily in psatcwot (it will become much more relevent)), but i feel a personal connection to it. 2001 movie and book were extremely influential to me as a teen. seeing 2001 for the first time in theaters was an unforgettable experience, and the book delivers feelings just as strong. and since i've expereinced these, i think of the monolith all the time.
what i really like about it is how... simple it is. it feels otherworldy, alien, out of this world, but it's not a crazy contraption or anything like that. instead it's just... a rectangle. a black rectangle. and that' powerful.
never underestimate the power of black rectangles.

this one was also made during class, the same class as the mushroom one from earlier in fact. it was made to be a wallpaper, and it's still my lockscreen wallpaper to this day. also... i have a confession... this is drawn over a bit of one of the backgrounds of onion ocean from kirby's return to dreamland. i took the screenshot on noclip.websit (check it out, it's a really cool site) and drew over it.

this drawing is also pretty old. It was inspired by the track blue sea of 53 minutes by ZUN in Retrospective in 53 minutes. it's one of my favourite track from that album, it has such a sleepy feel to it.
this was also drawn with a mouse. the process was recorded and posted to youtube as a speedpaint, though i don't think you'll gain any insight on it.
i like the texture and the frills of the big jelly, but the composition is a bit meh. although its a drawing of a moving train, theres no impression of movement at all.
also fun fact, even the big version is an compressed version. the big version is 2k * 2k pixels, but the original is 10k * 10k.

another old piece. I use firealpaca as an art program. this one was drawn during class, though i don't remember if i used a mouse or a trackpad. i kinda like these colors ! the clouds are kind of whatever but the warm lighting is good.

An ooold fanart of zero 2 from kirby 64. Despite being drawn with a mouse i like the lines.
zero 2 is probably my favourite kirby villain and for a long time i always drew him bc of how easy it is to draw him. even if its a doodle he's immediatly recognizeable.